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Who are we?

Who are we?

We are a company dedicated exclusively to enforcing judgments that have not been repaid.

How can AFJE help?

How can AFJE help?

If you have been unable to collect on your judgment, we are here to assist in recovering the money that is rightfully yours.

Why use our services?

Why use our services?

The process of enforcing a judgment can be downright stressful & time consuming. A & F Judgment Enforcers will take the burden off your hands giving you ample time to take care of your actual day to day responsibilities.

Shortly about A & F Judgment Enforcers

A & F Judgment Enforcers is a new kind of enforcement company, that strives for the highest level of client satisfaction, while maintaining fair and ethical treatment of judgment debtors. We are a company that understands that winning a lawsuit is just the 1st step to recovering your money from a defendant. It is for this reason we specialize in obtaining payment on all valid money judgments.

««We take all cases on a contingency basis, charging no application or up-front fees of any kind. We will bear all expenses involved in the investigation and enforcement of your judgment. You pay absolutely nothing until we collect, and ONLY if we collect!»»

We're Here To Remove Your Headache

Foreclosure prevention Assigning Your Case
As a judgment holder, you have the rights! You have the right to enforce your judgment if it has not been satisfied.You also have the right to assign a third party to enforce your judgment.


Foreclosure prevention Let Us Do The Work For You
Your judgment may actually be worth more today than the day it was awarded! We have the ability, the expertise, and the determination to enforce payment of your judgment, plus any interest that you are due.

Don't Let Your Hard Work Be In Vain!

Please don't let the hard work that you have already put into winning your judgment, go to waste. If you do not properly act on your claim, it will expire.

Contact Us


Mailing Address

P.O. Box 871, Rockford, IL 61105
Tel.: + 1 (888) 935 8837
Fax: + 1 (866) 855 1429